Fmcg Erp Case Study

If you are a distributor  or trader of Fast Moving Consumer Goods or Packaged Goods, relax!. Wings ERP FMCG/Packaged Goods is software which takes care of all your needs. Wings is the only solution designed for your business. Wings helps you increase revenues and profits; and minimize leakages.

Wings ERP FMCG/Packaged Goods does all you need:

  • It is web-based and connects all branches and teams on one online system for automatic data consolidation and company-wide reports.
  • It seamlessly integrates with financial accounting and payroll so you don’t have to move data from one software to another.
  • Wings on Android is an integrated mobile application which enables capturing of orders and collections by travelling sales people
  • It offers a suite of tools and features to help you manage your business better
  • It has many features which make it perfectly suitable for the packaged goods business.

All business processes
Sales, including routes, salesmen, delivery management
Inventory, with Batches
Targets & Achievements
Fixed Assets

Mobile App
Wings on Android App seamlessly integrates with – for mobile phones and tablets. It empowers your travelling salesmen to capture orders and collections while on the road. The data gets seamlessly integrated with Wings without an effort.

Great Tools
Wings offers many tools to help you manage your business better. This includes:
Dashboard – on desktop and mobile
Reports Designer
Forms Designer
SMS and Emailing
Transaction Authorisation
Role-based User Rights
Multi-Branch, and more

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Posted By Ajay Gandhi
On 13 March, 2014

ERP case studies.  ERP success stories in various verticals for manufacturing companies.

  • Successful ERP in India examples in Automotive parts OEM, Construction, Corrugated box, Corrugated ERP, Electrical Bajaj Electricals, Electrical product, Electronic, Engineering, ERP FMCG, ERP Testimonials, Electronic products, Chemical plants, Flow meter, Food Industry, Furniture industry, Health care, Lamps ERP, Lens Marketing, Machines Manufacturer, OEM Electrical, Paper mill, Plastic Industry, Project manufacturing, Testimonials, Valves. 

  • I have worked on many ERP projects for various verticals such as:  Automobile parts, Chemical Industry, Construction Industry, Electronic Instruments, Engineering Industry,  Electrical products, FMCG Industry, Food Industry, Furniture Industry, Joint Venture, Lens, medical marketing, Mechanical Engineering, OEM Supply, Corrugated Box, Plastic Industry, Project based industry, SPM (special purpose machine manufacturer, Paper mills, etc.

  • I have also deployed ERP for multi-locations scenarios where the organization has two factories, or head office and factory are in two different cities, and so on.  Learn about ERP concepts and ERP implementation by studying ppt and my video lectures on this site.

  • Here I present some actual cases of enterprises which have taken the challenge to implement ERP and to great extent they have succeeded.  This will help you to learn what can be done in your kind of sector.  I have given a brief idea about various verticals, based on my own experience, because I had opportunity to actually work on some of these ERP projects especially in the growing enterprises. 

  • ERP case studies throw lots of insights on practical aspects. By getting to know what actually happened in the industry it becomes possible for people to learn plan and avoid those mistakes and as well as follow and adopt the successful strategies that has been told.

  • ERP case studies are significant as they help to explore on aspects that a person working on ERP will be likely to ask while implementing and working on the software.   Hope this will help you to know from the practical point of view.

  • This E-learning site will help you to know what should be done right from day one when an organization thinks of going ahead with ERP or even if you are in middle of implementation or planning to change to a better ERP. This will also help you to get insight of myth and reality.

  • ERP success stories will reveal that they were made possible through deliberate and hard work. There is no shortcut method. If a marketing executive tries to tell you that ERP is easy to implement you will know better.

  • You will find the testimony of some ERP users in the link 'Testimony'.  These are actual video movies of Director of a company narrating their eyepieces.

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