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Writing A Successful Rutgers Admission Essay

Admissions essays are not always necessary to get into colleges and universities; however they can significantly improve your chances of getting in. If you have lower scores on the ACT or the SAT, then submitting an essay alongside your application can be the deciding factor in your acceptance or denial to the school.

Understanding how to effectively craft a successful admissions essay, especially to a university such as Rutgers, is essential. These essays will highlight your critical thinking skills, set you apart as an individual, and convey your beliefs to the admissions board.

What is in a successful admission essay?

Understanding what a successful admissions essay is comprised of is the key to creating your own. These essays will include several elements with some of the most important including: proper tone, a story, perfect grammar, and personal qualities. Let’s discuss each of these below:

Tone – The tone of an essay is crucial. You want to maintain a formal demeanor; however being too stuffy can leave the entire paper dry and boring. Try including a small tidbit of humor, a light hearted story, or some funny quip.

Story – Instead of simply concentrating on how you are such an excellent candidate like the thousands of other students will be doing, why not include a story that makes you unique. Perhaps you endured some personal hardships that affected your grades, but made you a better person? Including these will allow the reader to relate to you, understand a bit more of who you are, and hopefully put you in the “yes” pile for admissions!

Personal qualities – Along with your story, you need to describe yourself. So what if you are not a straight A student, this does not mean that you are not an excellent candidate. Participating in sports, being involved in clubs, and organizing activities are vitally important for colleges and they definitely look for students with this potential and drive.

Grammar – You do not want to be describing yourself as some fantastic applicant while looking foolish on paper because you forgot to spell check. While spelling may be an easily rectified issue thanks to “Spell Check” features, you can bet that your essay will likely contain several more grammatical errors that your program did not catch. Double check for proper punctuation, then read the entire essay out loud to both yourself, and someone else. Reading out loud is a great way to help you identify various imperfections and also is a great way to get feedback.

Recommended Personal Statement: Rutgers University is a vibrant community of people with a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. How would you benefit from and contribute to such an environment? Consider variables such as your talents, travels, leadership activities, volunteer services, and cultural experiences. You may draft your statement in another word processing program and then paste it below.

Playing tennis has been an important part of my life. When I first started playing, I was not very good. I wanted to become better, so I practiced whenever I could. Eventually after many long hours of hitting balls (many of which went into the net), I finally became a decent player. Tennis taught me that if I put hard work into anything I do, I will be successful. I have also made many friends playing tennis. At school, I sometimes had trouble making new friends, but playing tennis I was able to meet new people easily. My self esteem went up and I was able to socialize with more people at school.

I will be able to benefit from the diversity at Rutgers University. There will be many different people who have hobbies similar to mine, like tennis. Meeting new people will lead me to new friends and interests. It should be easy for me to feel comfortable and socialize with new people. I will also benefit from simply being in that vibrant community of people with a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences. I think it will give me new outlooks on life. I believe this will be important when I am finally out in the real world.

With all the different people attending, I hope that I can add some culture from my life to their lives. I listen to ska music, which is a type of music most people do not listen to. I also have some uncustomary hobbies, like hacky sac and the Pokemon card game. I hope to contribute my interests to the pallets of other students. I will also contribute to Rutgers University with my hardworking attitude. I will try to spread my outlook on life and help other students succeed. I have shown my current friends how hard work can lead to success. Now they try to take that view on their endeavors. I will do all that I can to add to the community at Rutgers University.

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